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We help our clients commercialize great technology ideas. Our clients engage us to manage all or part of the idea to market life cycle. Our services included strategy, execution planning, resourcing, solution design, software development, and project management.


We provide end-to-end commercialization services primarily to the software, bio-technology and renewable energy sectors where new products have the potential to disrupt existing models or transform the way things are done.

Our software engineering capabilities are well suited to high-tech, manufacturing, finance, aerospace, education, logistics and healthcare sectors: where mission critical solutions must support high volumes, high levels of privacy & security, multi-point integrations or adaptability to manage future changes such as multi-language support. 

Strategy & Design


How well does your great idea meet the challenge? What is the market? If there are existing solutions, what is the strategy to mitigate competitive risk and maximize opportunity. Put the puzzle together with high level solution design, acquisition or development strategy and channel to market plan.

Plan & Develop


Define the execution plan. Understand the capital requirement and confirm potential business viability. Prepare and manage the fund raising process. 

Project manage technology development. For mission critical, large scale enterprise software solutions, clients may use our own enterprise class software framework



Our great idea is now a fantastic product we can touch and feel. Does that mean people will queue up to use it?  Marketing strategy is more than messaging and medium. How do we develop the known channels to market? Identify and educate influencers and decision makers. Are there strategic alliances that drive mutual value growth? 

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