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Project Examples

Since 2006, our clients have challenged us to solve complex enterprise scale challenges with small and large bespoke solutions. Some examples are highlighted here.

Large commercial and military aircraft manufacturer.

Challenge: Training / Fighter aircraft sold to countries deploying in remote environments with maintenance by non-specialist technicians. Reputational risk that reliability of aircraft could be compromised by sub-optimal maintenance processes and fragmented maintenance history.

Solution: Custom software solution that automated best practice maintenance processes even when disconnected from the network and consolidated maintenance history when reconnected to the network. The system extracted data from on-board control systems to an  asset management solution designed specifically for that aircraft. Decision tree logic applied consistency of diagnostics and guided the field technician through the resolution process. We created a unique technology solution that enabled any combination of peer to peer, network integration and the cloud to consolidate maintenance history into a common database.

Result: Greater aircraft reliability even in the most challenging of maintenance environments. 

Fortune 500 Agribusiness

Challenge: Significant sources of operational and commercial risk related to critical processes managed by the ERP system. 1) Thousands of customers with divergent requirements for their electronic ordering processes (EDI). Managing unusually complex, conflicting and constantly changing requirements created a significant burden on operations. 2) The standard process to calculate the optimal raw material hedge position was not correctly taking into account natural hedges that existed through the structure of finished goods sales contracts. Contracts were complex, unstructured, and the analysis of actual sales against contract was a manual process. 

Solution: We designed and built a single custom solution that decoupled the process of EDI master data management from the ERP system, and provided a highly efficient sales contract management solution. Both components were fully integrated to the ERP system to automate the processes of price configuration, sales order entry and EDI communications back to the customer. The contract management application consolidated forecast data with order data from the ERP system to improve the accuracy of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) calculations made by the ERP system. Finally, contract and MRP data was consolidated to identify raw material demand driven by Long vs Short exposure to finished goods sale forecasts.  

Result: An enterprise class, high volume and high performance solution that reduced operational and commercial risk for the customer. EDI maintenance was much more streamlined, had the flexibility of managing each customer process to suit that customer. With the click of a button,  the optimal hedge calculation is automated. 

Biotechnology Start-up

Challenge:  Agribusiness start-up had developed biological products that dramatically improved the efficacy of traditional chemical solutions. Large scale trials over five years replicated lab successes and verified the viability of their products. While the approach they had designed was unique, it was very simple, their products were relatively easy to replicate, and very difficult to protect via patent. Being a start-up they had no natural defence against new entrants and no existing distribution system to protect market share. 

Solution: We identified and analysed each key competitive risk to develop mitigation strategies. That process identified the need to introduce two additional technologies that would strengthen barriers to entry, develop competitive advantage through lower cost structure and enable rapid sale-out to create further protection through market leadership. We conducted a global search for existing technologies that fit the strategy, identifying candidates for acquisition who were well advanced in those fields. The final design element included software development that would consolidate all of these technologies into a single customer experience to strengthen the brand, improve the customer value proposition and enable new business opportunities. 

Result: We developed a comprehensive business strategy, defined the due diligence process and managed the M&A negotiations with the chosen technologies. We prepared material and led presentations that enabled a seed investor to fund the strategy. The strategy is now funded and the first stage of development commenced. 

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